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The heat is on

Article - Dec 2022 Heat is onWinter officially begins tomorrow on the 22nd of December with the Winter Solstice, in the northern hemisphere the date marks the 24-hour period with the fewest daylight hours of the year.

For the past few years, temperatures during these weeks have dropped to well below freezing and with the continued rise in energy costs, more and more people are turning to creative methods to keep warm,­ stoking up wood-burning stoves and increasing the risk of scalds and burns. A tragic consequence of this is that the potential for burns increases correspondingly in the winter months, with children most at risk. Each year, thousands of people are admitted to hospitals with burns sustained in the home or workplace during the winter months. In many cases, the burns can leave behind lasting scars.

To aid with burn scarring, Medigarments Ltd has developed a wide range of products designed to help with scar management where the scar has been sustained due to a burn. The collection includes:

Pressure Garments

Premium Vest and Shorts Blossom WebThe Jobskin® Classic and Jobskin® Premium Collections

Both of these ranges comprise several made-to-measure compression garments, which have been designed, developed, and manufactured in the UK. Each garment is made from open-weave Lycra® material, designed to deliver constant, calculated pressure while allowing the skin to breathe and stay at a cool, comfortable temperature. The garments combine excellent finishing with unmatched cost-effectiveness.

The pressure garments that make up our Jobskin® Premium collection are regarded as the gold standard and offer a superlative anatomical fit. Jobskin® Premium pressure therapy garments are designed to deliver optimum results in terms of both aesthetic and functional patient outcomes.

As we feel that personalisation is crucial to improving patient comfort and compliance, Medigarments Ltd offer all of our personalisation options absolutely free. That's right: all of our custom bindings, zips and patterned fabrics can be selected with no extra cost when you order any of our Jobskin® Classic and Jobskin® Premium made-to-measure garments. Though primarily aimed at children and young people, our personalisation options are equally available to adults as well.

Jobskin® Premium and Jobskin® Classic garments are expertly designed and manufactured right here in the UK. British designers and manufacturers are globally renowned as being among the most innovative, creative and hard-working and it is more important than ever before to encourage home-grown talent and celebrate our skills.

Silicone Gels

ScarFX Silicone SheetScar Fx® Silicone Sheet

Scar Fx® silicone sheet for long term treatment of all types of scarring, including that caused by burn injuries. Pliable and super-soft, the sheet conforms exactly to the shape of both the skin and the scar when applied and strong adhesive ensures that the reusable transparent sheet stays firmly in place.

ScarSil-15ml-tube-with-box-above-frontScarSil® Topical Gel

ScarSil® is especially suitable for smaller scars and areas of the body that are in constant movement such as facial scars as it's easy to apply and especially gentle. ScarSil® is recommended for children and those who have sensitive skin. ScarSil® dries extremely quickly, creating an airtight, waterproof film. Made from 97% pure silicone with added vitamin C, ScarSil® is silky-smooth and totally invisible. The product will both flatten and soften scars, reducing discolouration, discomfort and itchiness. 

Silon-LTS® Low-Temperature SplintingSilon-LTS

Silon-LTS® is a unique, one-step solution that combines the therapeutic Silon® surface with low-temperature thermoplastic that can be quickly and easily formed into a variety of splints. Indicated for managing keloid and hypertrophic scars and especially useful when contracture of the scar is expected.

Silon-TEX® II Silicone Bonded Textile

Silion TEXSilon-TEX® II is an innovative textile that incorporates a durable silicone layer on one side. It can be custom-formed to exact specification before being directly sewn into any of our made-to-measure Jobskin® Classic or Jobskin® Premium pressure garments.

To find out more about our made-to-measure pressure garments for burns and scar management, or our silicone gel products, please browse the Medigarments website. If you need further information or advice, please contact our dedicated team. If you would like to receive more articles from Medigarments Ltd, along with lots of other news, updates and information, please subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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