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Classic MTM Pressure Garment – Our long established range for burns & scar management

Classic Fabrics new x 6 figures

Jobskin's Classic™ range of quality made-to-measure compression garments are designed and manufactured here in the UK. Produced to the finest detail to provide a constant and calculated amount of pressure, ensuring optimum results in pressure therapy management. Jobskin's medically effective garments achieve an outstanding aesthetic and functional outcome for the individual. 

  • Designed to a calculated pressure
  • Manufactured from quality, short stretch Lycra®
  • Multi directional stretch, open weave fabric
  • Ensures constant pressure delivery
  • Allows the skin to breathe and stay cool
  • Excellent garment finishing detail
  • Rapid patient rehabilitation
  • Competitively priced garment

Modifications Available

There are several modificiations available to individualise your garment according to patients needs, these include free personalisation to aid compliance. Please contact customer services for details.

Fabric and colour

Fabric and colour

Classic made to measure fabric and colour: Classic Fabric options - Powernet
Head and Neck

Head and Neck

Classic™ MTM Pressure Garment: Head and Neck. Role of Dynamic Compression in the Management of Tone
Hand and Arm

Hand and Arm

Classic™ MTM Pressure Garment: Hand and Arm, Glove to Wrist, Single Arm
Upper Extremity

Upper Extremity

Classic™ MTM Pressure Garment: Upper Extremity
Lower Extremity

Lower Extremity

Classic™ MTM Pressure Garment: Lower Extremity


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