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Silicone Gel Therapy Research/­Evidence

As a company Jobskin® is committed to supporting research and development. The Scarheal silicone gel product range, Scar FX® and ScarSil®, recently introduced to assist you with the management of scars. Scar FX® and ScarSil® gel is available on prescription from your doctor or pharmacist.

It is well documented that silicone gel can be used to improve the outcome of a scar by acting as a softening agent that renders the scar soft, flat, mobile and not hypersensitive. A reference list for the evidence to support the effectiveness is available as a PDF download below.

Even though there is a plethera of research showing the effectiveness of using silicone gel to improve scars, thus enhancing patient/client care and improving functional outcome, we at Jobskin would welcome and support a study or studies to look at the effectiveness of Scar FX® and ScarSil® alongside products you are already using, in terms of cost effectiveness, adhesive quality and scar improvement.

Our recent research, carried out in partnership with Bio-Med Sciences, manufacturer of Silon-TEX II®, a silicone coated textile for customisation to pressure garments, is available to download below.

If you are interested in undertaking such a study please contact our Therapy Specialists and share your ideas.

Debra Wright:

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