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SDO® Research/­Evidence

As a company Jobskin Ltd is committed to supporting research and development with regard to Sensory Dynamic Orthosis. We actively support research that will enhance patient/client management and improve functional performance.

Based on current research Lycra® garments can be used to enhance function by providing cutaneous and proprioceptive feedback as well as musculoskeletal support and re-alignment. Reinforcement panels can be added to provide additional control depending on the individual patient needs.

We are currently negotiating and identifying new projects to look at the effectiveness of Jobskin Lycra® garments in the management of children with a diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Hyper-mobility and joint laxity; and adults with a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis and stroke.

If you are interested in undertaking such a study please contact our SDO® National Account Manager, Jessica Skilton, and share your ideas.


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