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Accuracy is Everything: Our New Video Suite

When we at Jobskin introduce a new product, we are absolutely certain that it is of the highest standard of excellence that we can achieve at that time; indeed, of the highest standard achievable. Medicine and healthcare are, however, rapidly evolving sciences and that means that when we introduce new modifications to existing products, it brings those products in-line with the most modern findings, techniques and methodologies.

MTM Pressure GarmentOur goal at Jobskin is always the same: to make things easier for people. We constantly research and study a wide range of related subjects to stay abreast of the latest developments but that certainly doesn't mean we stop paying attention to our established ranges.

In fact, we have been busy behind the scenes creating a full suite of professionally-created videos that teach therapists/ clinicians and measurers how to get the very best from our incredibly popular and trusted Premium MTM Pressure Garments collection.

The range of pressure garments in the Premium collection are tried and tested by thousands of patients, with the results being resoundingly positive. These garments form our long-established range for scar and burn management and are custom-made to create the very best fit and maximise therapeutic potential.

Getting the most accurate physical data about a patient is obviously of no little importance in ensuring the correct fabrication of the garment and our suite of videos aims to make the whole process a great deal easier for everyone.

Each style of garment has its own video along with accompanying measuring materials available from Jobskin. The viewer is clearly, concisely and visually guided through each measurement before being shown how and where to record the data.

MTM Pressure garments have been shown time and time again to be a highly effective therapeutic device in the treatment and management of scars and burns. The open weave fabric construction has multi-directional stretch and allows the skin to breathe normally while maintaining constant, calculated pressure on the affected area.

We have continued to add modifications that have improved the Premium range, including a wide range of colour, pattern, binding and motif options that make patient compliance easier and more likely. Creating the suite of video guides to measuring accurately for the Premium range of MTM pressure garments is yet another improvement as we keep trying to make things easier and, ultimately, better, for patients and their carers.

Find out more about the Premium range.