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The Sensory Hug®: Anxiety Suppression with Dynamic Compression!

Article - Dec 2023 Sensory HugFor neurodivergent individuals who experience sensory processing difficulties, such as people with autism, ADD/ADHD or SPD/SID, life can become a series of challenges as they try to deal with the stress and anxiety that are often the result of such difficulties. 

Though there are numerous methods that can reduce sensory seeking behaviours and thus the subsequent negative impacts on mental health, one that has been repeatedly proven (through immense amounts of clinical and observational evidence) to deliver results is the application of deep pressure. To be properly effective, such pressure must be delivered in a manner that is both continuous and consistent; it is this impractical requirement that has often been the stumbling block that prevents a neurodivergent individual from experiencing the full therapeutic potential of dynamic compression. 

Sensory Hug
Sensory Hug® Mini - Camouflage

Dynamic compression
with the Sensory Hug®

One of the results of the in-depth, ongoing research and development carried out by Medigarments Ltd is the Sensory Hug®, part of the SDO® Sensory Dynamic Orthosis collection. The Sensory Hug® is a groundbreaking compression garment made using a unique combination of Orthowrap™ and dynamic LYCRA®. While both of these fabrics are renowned for their light weight as well as for being exceptionally comfortable to wear, the Sensory Hug® is a reliably effective method of delivering a precisely controlled amount of deep pressure that fulfils the aforementioned requirements of being both consistent and continuous.  

Wearing a Sensory Hug® also provides the individual with proprioceptive and sensory feedback. Wearers routinely report a wealth of beneficial effects, from dramatic reductions in restlessness, anxiety and stress with corresponding increases in concentration, stability, coping ability and effectiveness of daily functioning. 

The Sensory Hug® is available in Mini and Maxi formats, both of which can be worn either on top of or beneath standard items of clothing to suit the unique needs of each equally-unique individual. Achieving the exact amount of pressure required is simple by adjusting the zip-strips that are integral to each garment.

Sensory Hug® Maxi - Mermaid

Sensory Hug®
designed to aid compliance

A Maxi or Mini Sensory Hug® comes in either Black or Beige as standard. If an individual needs extra incentive to comply with a wearing schedule (or if they just fancy something a little more pleasing to the eye!), the garments can be made using fun, colourful fabrics such as the Bulldog or Mermaid designs. These can be selected without worrying about extra cost as the options are available completely free of charge with compliments of Medigarments Ltd. 

Full details of the game-changing Sensory Hug® in its Mini and Maxi formats can be found on our website, along with information about the intriguing world of SDO®. If you have any questions that do not appear to be answered on these pages then a member of our expert team can help so please do not hesitate to give us a call. If you would like to receive more special features like this, along with lots of other news and updates, please subscribe to our monthly newsletter and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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