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The SDO® Lite Collection from Medigarments Ltd

Article - Feb 2023 SDO LiteDynamic Lycra® compression garments from the SDO® Original collection by Medigarments Ltd have been shown through extensive evidence and clinical observation to provide improvements in function, posture and positioning to patients with a wide range of conditions that affect physicality. 

To complement the SDO® Original collection, Medigarments have created SDO® Lite, which is an assessment tool for clinicians. SDO Lite ready-to-wear garments allow healthcare professionals to reliably and accurately identify the potential benefits that a patient may experience when wearing a made-to-measure SDO Original garment. 

When worn as part of a detailed assessment process, an SDO Lite garment will demonstrate the impact and effectiveness of an increase in both proprioceptive and sensory feedback, delivering an anticipated response of musculoskeletal support and postural control. 

Though the results may not be as dramatic as compared to a bespoke SDO Original garment, the wearing of an SDO Lite garment will clearly indicate whether a made-to-measure SDO Original garment will be beneficial to the patient. In addition to indicating suitability, SDO Lite garments can also be used to support funding applications for bespoke SDO Original dynamic Lycra garments. 

Both SDO Lite and SDO Original garments are made using high quality Lycra fabrics. Lycra is a synthetic fabric which, invented in 1958 by chemist Joseph Shivers, an employee of Dupont™ Laboratories, is renowned for its exceptional level of elasticity. The fabric is also extremely strong, with the ability to stretch up to five times its own length. It's ability to deliver unrivalled support sees the material widely used by sporting professionals. 

As Class 1 medical devices, SDO garments provide constant and consistent dynamic compression, giving the patient the effect of therapeutic handling for the entire time that the garment is being worn. Both the musculoskeletal and somatosensory systems are stimulated, giving rise to beneficial changes in postural alignment and tone. This is turn leads to improvements in proximal stability and enhance biomechanical advantages.­ 

SDO Lite garments are supplied with a binding edge finish, along with branded elastic cuffs in a choice of four different colours: black, beige, red and blue. The garments are available in numerous formats to complement the SDO Original range, including socks, sleeves, gauntlets, vests, shorts and lumbar belts.

We invite you to browse the Medigarments website to discover full details about our signature SDO Lite and SDO Original collections of dynamic Lycra garments. If you need further information or advice, please contact our experienced team.  

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