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The Psychological Effects of Burn Scars

Article---July-2024-Burn-scarsOver the past few years, the survival rate of people who have suffered severe burns has improved thanks to improvements in technology and medical science. This has meant an increase in the incidence of burns patients with more extensive scarring, which has resulted in a corresponding increase in negative psychological impacts on those patients.

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Much research has been carried out into how burn scars can affect the quality of life of those who sustain them. In depth research by burns specialist Dalia Gilboa has shown that burns patients who have keloid and hypertrophic scars as a result of their injuries have an 'impairment to [their] quality of life similar to that of patients with chronic skin disease'. This quality of life is influenced not only by restricted mobility and other physical symptoms but also by stigmatisation both internalised and experienced.    

Burns affect people of all ages and cause serious damage to the skin, they are more susceptible to abnormal scarring types like contractures, keloids and hypertrophic scars. Such scarring is the result of serious injury to the deeper layers of skin tissue, which is far more common in injuries caused by burns. The severity of the injury (in terms of depth and size) has a direct effect on scarring likelihood, as does the length of time taken for the burn to heal.

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Effectively treating burn scars

Though visible burn scars (such as those sustained to the face or hands) tend to have worse psychological impacts, those that can be concealed beneath clothing can also cause issues, particularly in relation to intimacy. Patients with burn scars have been found to experience an array of such impacts, including low self esteem, reduced confidence, feelings of shame, problems with relationships, anger, depression, anxiety and social isolation.

It is clear that treating problem burn scars effectively is absolutely essential to give the patient the best chance of dealing with these serious psychological issues, or even to help them avoid experiencing them altogether. In addition to a superb selection of silicone gel solutions, Medigarments Ltd can also supply an extensive range of pressure therapy garments from our leading Jobskin® PremiumJobskin® Classic and Jobskin® Interim collections

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Our Jobskin® Premium and Jobskin® Classic garment ranges comprise several made-to-measure compression garments, which have been designed, developed, and manufactured right here in the UK. British designers and manufacturers are globally renowned as being among the most innovative, creative and hard-working and it is more important than ever before to encourage home-grown talent and celebrate our skills.

Each garment is made from open-weave Lycra® material, designed to deliver constant, calculated pressure while allowing the skin to breathe and stay at a cool, comfortable temperature. The garments combine excellent finishing with unmatched cost-effectiveness.

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