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The Benefits of SDO Garments

Jobskin SDO Garments

Delivering a powerful combination of dynamic compression and musculoskeletal support, Sensory Dynamic Orthosis (SDO®) garments offer a wide range of benefits to the wearer, from increased sensory and proprioceptive feedback to improved postural stability. Clinicians can make an educated decision if garments are required, based on our assessment range (Pro-TEM™), which is also available from Jobskin®.

SDO® garments are made to measure from high-quality Lycra® and are produced to incredibly high standards. While being worn, the SDO® gives the effect of continual therapeutic handling by providing constant and consistent compression in addition to stretch, support and sensory information. All of this helps towards motor learning and neural integration.

Clinical studies and observations have repeatedly shown that wearing SDO® (Sensory Dynamic Orthosis) garments from Jobskin® delivers remarkable improvements in terms of function, posture and positioning in patients with a number of different medical conditions. By stimulating the somatosensory and musculoskeletal systems, SDO® garments can improve proximal stability, biomechanical advantage for muscle activation, normalise tone as well as other benefits; this is from providing sensory and proprioceptive feedback, musculo-skeletal alignment and postural stability. 

The clinical application of SDO® garments to conditions including but not limited to cerebral palsy, spina bifida, dystonia, spinal cord injuries, stroke, scoliosis, parkinsons and multiple sclerosis have demonstrated a positive response. SDO® garments have also been used successfully in patients with conditions affecting hypermobility and sensory processing (such as Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, benign hypermobility, autism and ADHD).

Jobskin® are dedicated to providing a variety of options to enhance patient compliance and independence. With a choice of fabric, reinforcement panels, thread colours, motifs and bindings, which are all provided free of charge, Jobskin® assists you in creating a completely personalised garment.

We have different training courses available for clinicians who would like to understand more about the theory behind SDO®, to be certified to use SDO® and specific SDO® Scoliosis training, as well as an exciting new webinar COMING SOON! Please visit https://­www.­jobskin.­co.­uk/­training-courses-2021 for more information or email for any other questions you may have about Jobskin® SDO® garments.