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Another Successful Stroke Awareness Month Draws to a Close

Article - May 2023 StrokeSpearheaded by The Stroke Association, the month of May is dedicated as Stroke Awareness Month.

The annual event exists to raise awareness of stroke as well as to raise crucial funds for the association, which is the UK's biggest charity dedicated to improving the lives of stroke survivors and their families by providing information and practical, emotional and financial support where it is needed most. The Stroke Association can trace its roots back over a century to 1899, when it was founded as the National Association for the Prevention of Consumption and other forms of Tuberculosis. After various changes in name to reflect its corresponding changes in function, the Stroke Association was established in 1992.  The association works in numerous different ways to help improve the lives of stroke survivors, from providing vital information and support to funding medical research. In addition, the association creates campaigns to drive change: one of the most successful of these was the 'A New Era for Stroke' campaign, which directly resulted in the creation of the National Stroke Programme in England.

When the Words Away Went

A key aspect of Stroke Awareness Month 2023 was a focus on aphasia, a common consequence of stroke that affects up to 40% of survivors. Aphasia is a problem with communication that affects the survivor's ability to speak and/or understand the speech of others. On May 26th, The Stroke Association released a documentary film following the lives of a group of stroke survivors with aphasia. Entitled 'When the Words Away Went', the film can be viewed on The Stroke Association's website. UK Heart Dynamic Compression P130-11CThe SDO® collection of dynamic Lycra® garments from Medigarments Ltd are especially suitable to help stroke survivors rebuild their lives. Designed and manufactured in Britain, these Class 1 medical devices are expertly designed to increase sensory and proprioceptive feedback via constant, consistent compression. Enhancing functional performance, motor control and fluency of movement, the garments improve musculoskeletal alignment.­  One of the many stroke survivors who have benefitted from wearing SDO® dynamic compression garments is Michael Pursey, who is an ambassador of Medigarments Ltd. After experiencing a stroke at just 24 years of age, Michael lost his ability to speak and walk. With clinical support and by wearing SDO® garments, not to mention his impressive strength of character, Michael defeated the odds and achieved the impressive feat of climbing to the top of Pen y Fan which, at 886m in height, is South Wales's highest peak, read his story here.

hands-1327811_1920 Michael has attended two exhibitions with us (the UKSF Stroke Forum and the Neuro Convention) to share his experiences. We are extremely proud to have him on board and look forward to attending more events with him in the future. Find out more about SDO® Original and SDO® Lite collections of pressure garments on our website. If you have any further questions or need advice, our expert clinical team will be more than happy to assist so please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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