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Silon-TEX® II: Combined Silicone & Pressure Therapy for Burn Scars

Article---Jul-2024-Silon-TEXThe physical and psychological effects of burn scarring can have devastating impacts on a patient's quality of life and so minimising these effects is of crucial importance.

Silion TEX
Silon-TEX® II silicone bonded textile

There are various ways to achieve this, two of the most successful of which have been shown to be pressure therapy and silicone therapy. Clearly, the best approach in many cases would be to combine the two but this was not always easy to do. Silon-TEX® II solves the problem. 

Silon-TEX® II pads are made using a silicone bonded textile, one side of which has a layer of silicone. The pad can be formed to custom specification before being sewn directly into made to measure pressure garments from our leading Jobskin® Premium and Jobskin® Classic collections. This allows pressure therapy and silicone gel therapy to be seamlessly combined in one single, easy step. 

What is Silon-TEX® II?

The pads are made using patented Silon-IPN® (Inter­pen­et­rating Polymer Network) technology, which combines the qualities of silicone with polyt­et­raf­lu­oro­et­hylene (PTFE), a material which is more commonly referred to as Teflon™; both of these materials are biopolymers. To create Silon-TEX® II, the two biopolymers are expertly woven together to form a structuce of matrices that are mutually penetrating.

Some silicone formulations provide a high level of stiffness and strength while others are created to be compliant and soft: Silon-TEX® II delivers all of these qualities in a single product. The PTFE acts as an internal reinforcing mechanism to the soft, extremely thin silicone membrane, resulting in a product that is exceptionally strong yet is flexible enough to be comfortably used in a vast array of different anatomical areas.   

Premium and Classic Garments
Jobskin® Premium and Jobskin® Classic pressure garments

The silicone membranes in Silon-TEX® II pads are semi permeable, making them breathable without impeding their effectiveness. Convenient to use, the pads greatly improve patient compliance as, being an integral part of the pressure garment itself, cannot be omitted or lost during the treatment process. This high level of compliance can be even further enhanced with any of a wide range of personalisation options, all of which are provided absolutely free of charge with compliments of Medigarments Ltd. 

Jobskin® Premium and Jobskin® Classic pressure garments with Silon-TEX® II are available in an array of formats to suit different areas of the body and are indicated for use with patients who have hypertrophic and keloid scars.

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