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Silicone Solutions for Burn Scars

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Thousands of people are admitted to hospital every year with serious burns. After the injury itself has healed, the patient is often left with scarring that, as well as being uncomfortable and sometimes painful, can also lead to issues with confidence and self-esteem. At Medigarments Ltd, we offer a range of treatment options that make use of silicone gel

Made using the highest level of medical grade silicone

ScarFX Silicone SheetScar Fx® Silicone Sheet

Scar Fx® silicone sheet comes highly recommended for long term treatment of all types of scarring, including that caused by burn injuries. Designed to be pliable and super-soft, the sheet conforms exactly to the shape of both the skin and the scar when applied. The sheet, which is available in a choice of sizes, can be used after suture removal on closed, healed wounds, delivering the highest level of comfort. Strong adhesive ensures that the reusable transparent sheet stays firmly in place. Durable and easy to use, Scar Fx® silicone sheet is exceptionally cost-effective, which is especially important when the product is used for extended periods of time.  

Silky-smooth and invisible

ScarSil-15ml-tube-with-box-above-frontScarSil® Topical Gel

An alternative to silicone sheet that has been proven through clinical trials and observation to be just as effective. ScarSil® is especially suitable for facial and smaller scars. Like silicone sheet, the product should only be used after wounds have healed. Easy to apply and especially gentle, ScarSil® is recommended for children and those who have sensitive skin. As ScarSil® offers flexibility, it can be used successfully on the moving parts of the body. 

ScarSil® Should be used 2-4 times each day, until the scar is mature and there is visible improvement. Applied in a thin layer, ScarSil® dries extremely quickly, creating an airtight, waterproof film. Once the product has fully dried, sun protection and facial cosmetics can be applied over it. Made from 97% pure silicone with added vitamin C, ScarSil® is silky-smooth and totally invisible. The product will both flatten and soften scars, reducing discolouration, discomfort and itchiness. 

Silon-TEX® II Silicone Bonded TextileSilion TEX

A reliable way to combine pressure therapy with silicone gel therapy, Silon-TEX® II is an innovative textile incorporating a durable silicone layer on one side. This textile can be custom-formed to exact specification before being directly sewn into any of our made-to-measure Jobskin® Classic or Jobskin® Premium pressure garments. Perfect for a variety of applications where combination therapy is indicated the textile is especially strong and durable thanks to the internal reinforcing mechanism developed using Silon® IPN (Inter­pen­et­rating Polymer Network) technology.

Unique silicone solution

Silon-LTS® Low-Temperature SplintingSilon-LTS

A significant proportion of burns are sustained on the hands. As a crucial piece of kit at any hand therapy clinical practice, Silon-LTS® can be easily and rapidly formed into a variety of splints. This serves the dual purpose of providing both silicone therapy and extension. Indicated for managing keloid and hypertrophic scars and especially useful when contracture of the scar is expected, Silon-LTS® is a unique, one-step solution that combines the therapeutic Silon® surface with low-temperature thermoplastic splinting.

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