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Save up to 20% on Oedema Gloves

When oedema affects the hands, it can seriously interfere with a person's dexterous abilities, preventing them from carrying out ordinary day-to-day activities. Jobskin offer access to a comprehensive collection of comfortable compression gloves which can help to normalise the symptoms of post-operative oedema. As part of our Christmas promotion, we are offering the chance to make substantial savings across our range of oedema gloves.

There are several different styles of gloves available from Jobskin, each designed to address individual therapeutic requirements. Features of the gloves include outside seams to provide smooth oedema control, open cuff styles for assistance with donning and doffing and open/closed fingers.

The newest addition to the Jobskin collection is oedema gloves featuring silicone palms and fingers, designed to dramatically improve gripping ability. This style includes a palmar pad which is made from viscoelastic foam, delivering increased compression over the volar plate or under the MCP (metac­ar­pop­hal­an­geal) joint.

We also supply the unique Isotoner glove, which is a therapeutic oedema glove designed to offer relief from pain caused by swelling associated with hand injury and arthritis. Isotoner gloves deliver gentle, even compression, soothing aching hands and reducing the swelling. Exterior seams also help to keep pain away from sensitive areas.

All Jobskin gloves are available in right- or left-hand versions and in a full range of sizes. For a limited time, you can save 10% by purchasing five items or 20% by purchasing 10 items or more from our collection of oedema gloves. Call our team if you need any further advice or information.