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Proven Pressure: Jobskin's SDO Sensory Hug

Article - Jun 2021 Sensory Maxi HugIntroducing the Sensory Mini Hug and the Sensory Maxi Hug

Sensory Mini Hug Bulldog Ghost ImageLROver many years there has been extensive clinical studies and clinical evidence that has shown the improvement in the daily function of children and adults with sensory-seeking behaviours from the application of pressure therapy. Clinical evidence has demonstrated that deep pressure can reduce overactivity and abnormal behaviour patterns in individuals with sensory processing difficulties. However, providing consistent and continuous deep pressure is challenging and impractical, therefore, the innovative Sensory Hug was designed and created. 

The Sensory Hug can be used as a treatment for sensory-seeking behaviours such as AutismADHD/ADD and SID/SPD. The Sensory Hug provides sensory and proprioceptive feedback through dynamic compression to improve an individual’s quality of life by helping to:

• Increase attentiveness and concentration

• Increase body awareness and stability

• Manage sensory seeking behaviours

• Improve effective daily functioning

• Calm and comfort the wearer

• Reduce stress and anxiety

• Improve coping ability

   • Improve restlessness

Here are some of the key facts about Jobskin's unique SDO Sensory Hug.

  •       Each SDO Sensory Hug is made from quality OrthowrapTM material and Lycra® reinforcing that is durable and comfortable to wear          
  •       Intelligent design allows the Sensory Hug's therapeutic pressure to be easily and precisely adjusted with the simple addition or removal of 3cm, 5cm and 7cm zip strips, which are supplied as standard with each garment
  •      The Sensory Hug can be used as part of a daily routine such as before or after school/­work/­daily activities, start of lessons, a short period before going to sleep (not to be worn while sleeping), or tied to specific activities such as eating, playing or going out. We suggest that you a suitably qualified person recommends the optimal wearing regime based on the needs of the wearer
  •      Adjustable shoulder popper fastenings on the Sensory Mini Hug and adjustable velcro shoulder straps on the Sensory Maxi Hug ensure the perfect fit can be achieved
  •    ·  The Sensory Hug comes in a range of colours:

    o   Plain Black

    o   Plain Beige

    o   Army

    o   Mermaid

    o   Super Hero

    o   French Bulldog

  •      Whether worn beneath or above everyday clothes, the Sensory Hug is guaranteed to deliver continued, consistent sensory feedback while simultaneously allowing the wearer full freedom of movement                                         ​​

    Find out more about Jobskin's innovative Mini Sensory Hug and Maxi Sensory Hug and your personalisation options on our website.