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Oedema Gloves: A Helping Hand

Oedema affects thousands of people and is a common symptom in patients following post-surgical procedures, hand related injuries or a CVA (cereb­ro­vas­cular accident), also known as a stroke. Compression, delivered via the wearing of specialised gloves, offers many therapeutic benefits and Jobskin® are proud suppliers of a comprehensive collection of these garments.

Made from Spandex and Polyamide with elasticated seams for easy application and functionality, all oedema gloves supplied by Jobskin® are designed to offer gentle, consistent compression therapy to the wearer, helping patients to control soft tissue oedema and reduce swelling. Our unique seamless distal end no cuff design finish with external finger and thumb seams encourages patient compliance and ensures smooth application providing essential therapeutic comfort day and night.

Jobskin® Oedema Gloves are unisex and sold individually as oedema can affect just one hand. Gloves are supplied in a range of sizes ensuring the best possible fit, for both left and right hands.  To get the correct measurement, measure the circumference of the hand through the thumb web space. Compare this figure with the guide available on each product page to determine whether you require extra-small, small, medium or large.

There are three styles of oedema gloves available from Jobskin:

  • Closed Finger: this is our standard option and used where full coverage is paramount, delivering gentle therapeutic compression.
  • Open Finger: where monitoring of swelling is important, our open finger oedema gloves allow for unhindered examination. This style also improves the patient's dexterity and freedom to undertake activities such as mobile phone usage and reading.
  • Silicone Grip: the addition of silicone substantially improves grip and manual dexterity, creating friction to aid with everyday tasks. Silicone is placed over each finger, thumb, thenar muscle and palm.  These gloves are supplied as open fingered only.

Jobskin® Oedema Gloves are hand washable

Check out the range of oedema gloves on the Jobskin website and get in touch with our experienced team for further advice and information.