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Oedema Gloves: A Helping Hand

The symptoms of post-operative oedema can be painful and make the ordinary handling of objects a difficult process. One of the best methods of managing such symptoms is by wearing specialised oedema gloves, which deliver gentle, constant compression.

There are many different styles of oedema gloves available from Jobskin, including open cuff styles to make donning/doffing easier. A recent addition to the collection features silicone on the palms and fingers, designed to dramatically improve the ability to grip and manipulate objects. A viscoelastic palmar pad delivers increased compression either under the Metac­ar­pop­hal­an­geal (MCP) joint or over the volar plate.

Another option is the Isotoner style, a type of therapeutic oedema glove designed to give relief from pain caused by swelling: such swelling is often associated with post-injury pain and arthritis. Giving gentle, even compression, Isotoner gloves reduce the swelling, soothing associated pain. Exterior seams help to ease the pain of sensitive areas, such as the base of the thumb, and are made from high-quality fabric which displays excellent stretching qualities.

All oedema gloves from Jobskin can be supplied for either the left or right hand and a full range of sizes is available: check the product page for a precise sizing guide. If you need assistance with choosing the best oedema glove, get in touch with our team.