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Get to Grips with Oedema Gloves!

When oedema affects a person's hands, it can cause serious issues with dexterity and prevent the person from carrying out the normal day to day activities of their lives. In such situations, the wearing of compression gloves can offer remarkable therapeutic value, helping to normalise symptoms.

Jobskin supply a comprehensive range of compression gloves in several styles, allowing patients to easily find the best type for their individual therapeutic needs. All of the gloves are designed to deliver smooth control of post-operative oedema, with options including open cuff styles and a selection of open or closed fingers.

One of the most popular options is our oedema gloves with silicone grip, tried and trusted by many patients. With silicone on the palms and fingers, the gloves give the wearer back their lost gripping ability and so provide a practical benefit along with therapeutic compression.­ Complementing the innovative silicone grips is a foam palmar pad which, made from soft and comfortable yet robust and supportive viscoelastic foam, delivers increased compression over the volar plate or under the MCP (metac­ar­pop­hal­an­geal) joint.

All Jobskin gloves are available in right- or left-hand versions and in a full range of sizes. Call our team if you need any further advice or information on selecting exactly the right compression glove for your condition. Our staff members are responsive, informed, considerate and sympathetic, allowing them to clearly, concisely and accurately answer any of your queries about compression garments.