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Dynamic Compression: The SDO® Sensory Hug

02_2021 Twitter Post - Sensory Hug

For people with autism, ADD/ADHD and SPD/SID, overactivity and sensory processing difficulties can present many challenges that impact their daily lives. Reducing these impacts is crucial and that's why the Jobskin® team developed, designed and created the SDO® Sensory Hug.


Clinical and observational evidence has repeatedly shown that the application of deep pressure is able to reduce overactivity and sensory-seeking behaviours in individuals with autism, ADD/ADHD and SPD­/SID. The SDO® Sensory Hug from Jobskin® offers a unique, revolutionary solution to the problem of providing pressure in a continuous, consistent manner. Our selection of colourful fabrics and bindings provide an attractive option for everyone and also helps with wearer compliance.

The SDO® Sensory Hug garment is carefully and expertly crafted using a combination of Lycra® and Orthowrap™ materials. The garment is comfortable and easy to wear and the lightweight materials provide powerful therapeutic compression. The dynamic compression it reliably gives provides proprioceptive and sensory feedback to the wearer, with dramatic and immediately-noticeable results. 

Wearing the SDO® Sensory Hug helps to manage overactivity and sensory-seeking behaviours, resulting in vastly-enhanced and more effective day-to-day functioning. Concentration and attentiveness are greatly improved, as is stability and awareness of the body. The wearer benefits from a better coping ability and a decrease in restlessness, gaining a sense of calm and comfort as anxiety and stress are reduced.

Jobskin® SDO® Sensory Hugs are available in Mini and Maxi formats, which can be worn over or under ordinary clothing. The Hug offers complete freedom of movement and can be worn to suit the individual needs of the wearer. The garment can be worn as and when required to help with specific activities such as a trip to the hair dresser or routine activities such as schooling or car journeys.

Individual wearers have diverse needs when it comes to the level of pressure required, therefore each SDO® Sensory Hug comes with three additional zip strips. These zip strips enable the wearer to reduce or increase the amount of pressure by adding or removing the strips as required. The Maxi format also features adjustable shoulder straps to further increase or reduce pressure levels.

For more details about SDO® Sensory Hugs from Jobskin®, we invite you to browse our website where you can also read case studies about the effectiveness of Sensory Dynamic Orthosis garments. If you need any further information or advice, please do not hesitate to contact our team directly.

Click here to download our SDO® Sensory Hug brochure.