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Dynamic Compression: Get it Right with SDO® Lite!

Article - Feb 2023 SDO Lite

All of the Dynamic LYCRA® compression garments that comprise our SDO® Original collection carry the trusted CE Mark, which demonstrates that they have been made to the most precise specifications.

SDO® Original Sleep Suit in No. 12 Ultraviolet theme

Using the exact measurements of each individual person to whom an SDO® garment has been prescribed, Medigarments Ltd crafts a bespoke solution that ensures the correct amount of pressure is provided to the right part of the patient's body; this made-to-measure approach delivers the optimal level of therapeutic value, enhancing the potential for a positive patient outcome.

SDO® Lite dynamic compression garments

To complement this versatile array of dynamic compression orthoses, Medigarments Ltd has created the SDO® Lite collection. These garments, supplied in a ready-to-wear format, offer clinicians a simple yet reliable way to assess and identify the potential benefits that wearing a made-to-measure garment from the full SDO® Original range could provide to any given patient. In some cases, SDO® Lite garments actually provide sufficient correction and a clinician may decide that a made-to-measure garment is not required. 

SDO® Lite Vest with reinforcement panels

Some guidelines to follow before donning the SDO® Lite garment:

  • The hands should be completely clean and dry. This includes ensuring that the skin is absolutely free from any residue of creams (such as moisturisers) which contain petroleum, paraffin or wax; these substances may reduce the elasticity and thus the effectiveness of the SDO® Lite pressure garment. Where possible, it is best to avoid using creams/­moisturisers containing these substances altogether, instead replacing them with silicone- or water-based alternatives.
  • Ensure that the nails of the toes and hands are properly clipped and that there are no sharp edges. If items of jewellery are usually worn on the hands, wrists and/or ankles, these should be temporarily removed while donning the garment. 
  • If any problems with the vascular/­circulatory systems arise or if you experience an acute skin rash then do not proceed with donning the garment. Contact the treating clinician for advice.
  • Open all of the SDO® Lite garment's fastenings. These vary between the many different types of garment; specific instructions for fastening each individual garment can be found on the Medigarments Ltd website and can also be downloaded in pdf format if required.  

Clinical advice

The prescribing clinician's advice should of course be followed but, generally speaking, the first period of time that the garment is worn for should not exceed two hours. If no adverse reactions are noted during this time, the next wearing period should be increased by one hour. Adverse reactions may include (but are not limited to)

  • Vascular or circulation problems, which usually manifest as discolouration of the skin and/or a noticeable change in body temperature
  • Red marks on the skin which persist for in excess of 40 minutes
  • Abrasions on the skin
  • Any type of allergic reaction

This process of checking that there are no adverse reactions and then adding an hour to the wear-time should be repeated until the minimum recommended period of between six and eight hours is reached; note that the garment should not usually be worn during sleep. Once again, the advice of the clinician treating the patient should be given priority.  

UK Heart Dynamic Compression P130-11CAll garments from the SDO® Lite range are proudly designed and manufactured right here in the UK, supporting British jobs, skills and trade. For more information about SDO® dynamic compression orthoses from Medigarments Ltd, please browse our website or get in touch with our dedicated team. To receive more special features like this, along with lots of other news and updates, please subscribe to our monthly newsletter and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our dedicated and knowledgeable team if you have any questions about our products or wish to book onto one of our training courses on how to assess and prescribe dynamic LYCRA®.

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