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The Difficulties of Being Disabled at Christmas

This festive period should be a time of fun, excitement and pleasure for everyone but this is not always the case for people with disabilities. Here we look at three common difficulties faced by disabled people during the festive season.

Shopping During Peak Periods

Shopping at this time of year can be difficult and stressful at the best of times but if you are disabled it can be particularly difficult. Access issues are frequently reported, with even disabled-accessible stores posing a problem due to the massively-increased number of shoppers. Lots of stores do not have public access to toilet facilities and those that do are often inadequate to the needs of disabled people. Temporary festive markets are a particular disappointment with activities such as ice skating designed for people without disabilities and narrow walkways between the stalls. 

Party Time Festivities

A new survey carried out by disability charity Leonard Cheshire shows that more than eight out of ten disabled people (86%) face difficulties accessing pubs and bars, with layouts, toilets, bar-heights and step-free access being most commonly cited issues. The survey also found that 46% of disabled respondents experienced negative attitudes from staff and 35% experienced negative attitudes from other customers due to their disability.

Festive Lights & Decorations

Many people on the autistic spectrum are easily over-stimulated by flashing fairy lights and bright colours, and many decorations can be a trigger in this respect. Lights that flash on and off have also been known to induce seizures in people with epilepsy.

At Jobskin, we believe that everybody should be able to enjoy the festive period, and indeed life in general, in equal measure. That's why we supply a comprehensive range of garments, medical aids and other products designed to control and reduce the negative symptoms of many disabilities.

Our website features a dedicated 'Pre-Diagnosed Condition' page, which allows users to discover which of our products could help them based on their particular disability. Check out this page today and get in touch with our expert team for further information, advice and support.