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Tesco is the Latest to Adopt Sunflower Lanyard Scheme

Here at Jobskin, we congratulate Tesco in supporting disabilities. We are thrilled to see big companies like Tesco become more inclusive and accessible for all. Tesco has become the latest organisation to provide sunflower lanyards in all of it’s stores. The lanyard acts as a discreet signal that the wearer may need extra support due to a disability that may not be immediately obvious. Providing the sunflower lanyard is just one of the store's new policies for 2020, which seek to promote disability inclusion for all customers and colleagues.

In October 2019, as part of the 'Autism Hour' project spearheaded by the National Autistic Society, Tesco trialled a 'quiet hour' with great success. Light and noise levels were both reduced, creating a calmer atmosphere for customers with autism.

At Jobskin, we think this is a fantastic idea, we understand the difficulties people face with different disabilities. As a company we are all about ‘reaching for the best solution’ for all, and we feel Tesco is working in the right direction. We participate in research in varying medical conditions and disabilities, and we are providers of medical garments, such as our innovative Sensory Hug. Our Sensory Hug is designed to help people with autism to live a fuller, happier life. We believe as more and more companies take part in the sunflower lanyard scheme and other schemes to help people with disabilities, the stigma attached to disability will continue to be eroded and accessibility for all will continue to improve, as well as quality of life.

Our Sensory Hug product is designed to calm children and adults with Autism, ADD, SID and ADHD, to improve their quality of life. Clinical evidence has demonstrated that deep pressure can reduce overactivity and abnormal behaviour patterns in children and adults with these conditions. The Sensory Hug provides this pressure and provides sensory and proprioceptive feedback to increase body awareness and stability, increasing the wearer’s ability to function more effectively and manage sensory seeking behaviours. The Sensory Hug can be worn under or over everyday clothes, it provides support and allows full movement whilst improving attention and concentration

Browse our website to find out more about how Jobskin garments can help people with autism. Need advice or have questions? Get in touch with our expert team.