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Support YOUR Body with Jobskin Corsets and Gaiters

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The joints, soft tissues and delicate muscles of the human body may be very different in terms of their physical makeup and function but many people find that all three have one thing in common: a need for support. This can be to immobilise and/or stabilise the affected areas, with a consequent reduction in pain.

Support for certain areas can be successfully provided with the wearing of corsets and/or gaiters; here at Jobskin we hold a large number of these essential products and also offer a bespoke making service, allowing our experts to tailor the garment to your exact physical requirements. Several types are available; check out the rest of this article to discover some of them.

MTM CorsetsMTM Corsets

Specialised, personalised production is carried out for each individual patient. Consultants work carefully together to create garments with finely-detailed and highly-accurate measurements, working strictly to all relevant laws and guidelines including Corset and Gaitersformer BS5473 specification. The resulting product is flexible yet holds its shape with a skeleton of bones or stays, kept in place with a variety of buckles and straps. Five colour choices are available.

Standard Arm/Leg GaitersStandard Arm/Leg Gaiters (White Cotton Lining) - NK09

Equally effective at delivering prolonged stretch and immobilisation, extension gaiters hold arm or leg in place. If some movement is required, flexion gaiters should be chosen instead. These garments can be customised from a wide choice of patterns, including chic camouflage, cute teddy bears and quirky campervans.

Deluxe Leg & Arm GaitersDeluxe Leg & Arm Gaiters with (Padded Towelling Lining) - NK15

This product is based on standard arm/leg gaiters but have been lined with a soft, comforting padded towel material. Ideal for prolonged usage or even if you just fancy extra cosiness, deluxe gaiters can also be supplied with a choice of patterns and designs.

MTM & Custom GaitersMTM & Custom Gaiters

For the ultimate perfect fit, custom arm/leg flexion/­extension gaiters are available from Jobskin. Each garment will be tailor made to your exact measurements, delivering superb comfort along with maximum therapeutic effect. Once again, you can really make the garment your own by choosing your favourite from a selection of attractive designs.

It is vital that you select the right garment in terms of type and size; the Jobskin team can offer clear, professional advice if you get in touch.

Winston, the Jobskin Bear, is pretty tough for his size and sometimes seems to act like he is a grizzly bear! But his teddy heart delights in the softer side of life and a well-timed cuddle, pat, stroke or even just a kind word makes him so happy that he can't disguise it. When he was told he needed to wear a 'support', he immediately said he didn't need it and could support himself! But when he saw the bright, colourful pattern choices and was told that he could have a deluxe, super-comfy support garment, he soon changed his mind and wears them all the time!