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Stay in Touch with Jobskin... and Winston!

At Jobskin, there is always lots going on across our various departments and we like to share all of this information with you. It keeps you up to date on everything we’re up to and ensures that you are always in the loop when it comes to the latest happenings. In today’s media-driven society, there are lots of ways to communicate and Jobskin utilise a number of different ways of getting our message to you, so that you can choose your preferred method and never miss out on any updates.

We regularly publish news articles on our website and lots of people choose to visit our website regularly to read them. For your convenience, we collate the news articles on a monthly basis and produce a newsletter, which we send out via email to registered subscribers. We invite you to subscribe to this service; it only takes a moment to sign up and we absolutely promise that we will never share your email with any third party, ensuring that your email box remains spam-free.

You can also connect with Jobskin via social media. We regularly update these feeds and they offer a quick, informal and easy way to communicate with our team. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are all available and you can join one or all of the groups to enjoy the full Jobskin experience.

We also share lots of photographs on Instagram. Recently, our team has been joined by the very cute Winston the Bear; he was originally brought in to capture the imagination of young children who have to wear compression garments but has quickly become something of a mascot for Jobskin and is adored as much by adults as by children! You can follow Winston’s progress on our Instagram feed and also via updates on our social media and newsletter group.

So, what has that beautiful bear been up to recently? He has become such a beloved member of our team that we even take him out to various meetings with us; at our last meeting, he chose to be a very silly bear indeed and started a game of hide-and-seek. He isn’t too good at the game yet so you shouldn't find it too difficult to spot him on our Instagram feed…

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