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Simple, Pure, Body Allure!

Surgery is, by its very nature, an invasive procedure and even small operations require a certain time of recovery for the patient afterwards. Depending on what surgery has taken place and the unique responses of the individual concerned, the time that recovery takes can vary greatly. In this recovery period, it is common for the patient to experience both physical and mental suffering related to the surgery and Body Allure

Shapewear is designed to help reduce both.

Body Allure Shapewear joins the versatile and diverse Jobskin range of products designed to make life easier for people with a variety of health conditions. We are committed to constant research and provide only the very best products and garments, each thoroughly tested to prove its efficiency. The Body Allure Shapewear collection is specially designed to aid recovery after liposuction operations.

Liposuction aims to give people a more flattering shape and so patients certainly don’t want to be wrapped in surgical garments right afterwards. Body Allure Shapewear has been manufactured to bridge the gap and deliver therapeutic value along with physical comfort and an attractive aesthetic.

The garments are made with a breathable construction from MicroFibre Stretch Tricot with 13% elastane. A classic French lace styling is used and the precision of design and manufacture is clear in the details such as easy-closing hook and eyes, comfort-lined zippers and Rimoldi seaming; these features are incredibly sophisticated in terms of both style and function.

You can choose from three colour options and the perfect fit is guaranteed with the easily-adjusted shoulder section when selecting a body garment. The selection of garment styles is comprehensive and all items in the Body Allure™ Shapewear Collection are guaranteed to bring comfort and relief from post-liposuction pain and worry.

If you think you could benefit from  Body Allure™ Shapewear, browse the collection now and get in touch with our expert team for further information and support.

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