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How SDO® (Sensory Dynamic Orthosis) can help YOU

SDO® garments provide dynamic compression which increases sensory and proprioceptive feedback and reinforcement panelling to improve musculo-skeletal stability and alignment.

Jobskin® specialise in the design and manufacture of sensory dynamic orthosis (SDO®) garments. Made using premium-quality Lycra® to the exact measurements of each patient and, as Class 1 medical devices, deliver continuous and consistent therapeutic pressure. Clinically proven to improve function, coordination, normalisation of tone, posture and positioning through the provision of dynamic compression and sensory feedback.

The biomechanical component helps to improve musculo-skeletal stability and alignment and enhances functional performance by reducing tremors and improving fine motor skills, fluency of movement and neural integration.

This has a positive effect on pain and in most cases, improves motor output, assists with normalisation of tone, increases independence and may even enhance handling and transferring with improved breathing and speech.