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Scope's COVID-19 Disability Report

Scope, the UK's disability equality charity, recently released its Disability Report, which focused on how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting disabled people. Since the crisis began, Scope has been communicating with disabled people and their families through a variety of forums (including its helpline, social media, services, online community and research panels and polls), in an effort to understand the key issues. The Disability Report aims to bring together these insights.

COVID-19 has presented challenges for individual people and society as a whole. Disabled people and their families have felt the impact of the pandemic acutely, with existing barriers being exacerbated and new issues coming to light. Here we present some of the key findings of Scope's Disability Report.

Scope's research found that 28% of disabled people feel 'forgotten'. The pandemic has heightened the anxiety levels of many disabled people, who feel concern about contracting COVID-19, uncertainty about the future and anxiety caused by enforced isolation from friends, family and support networks. Disabled people have been grouped together under the 'vulnerable' label and there is a lack of clarity with regard to policy response and as to what measures will be put in place to support people with disabilities.

Bad experiences in using the welfare system have long been reported by disabled people, such as delayed payments and difficulties with accessing benefits. The myriad flaws in the welfare system have been highlighted during COVID-19, with many disabled people being left financially insecure.

Disabled people in employment have faced challenges with working, especially if they have been told they have to shield. Many people with disabilities rely on public transport to get to work and so making this safe is of increasing importance. The Disability Report did note that there have been 'positive changes in flexible working which must be learnt from'.

General health and welfare has become an issue in a number of ways. Social distancing measures have made shopping more difficult and in many cases essential items have not been available due to disrupted supply chains and selfish panic-buying. A huge increase in demand for delivery slots has caused problems with shopping online. In addition, activities intended to promote physical and mental health have been severely curtailed due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Jobskin, as a provider of a wide range of therapeutic garments, has also seen dramatically increased demand for our products but, due to careful, diligent management and simple dedication to our work, have continued to remain active and meet this demand. You can browse our complete collection on our website and are always welcome to contact our team directly for clear and reliable advice, information and support.

We'd like to take this opportunity to wish all of our customers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Stay safe and stay positive!