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ScarSil: Proven to be Better than Silicone Gel Sheeting

One of the best methods of treating problem scarring is the use of silicone gel sheeting. This traditional product really is difficult to improve upon but as the problem affects so many people, research has continued and something even better has been made available.


The product is ScarSil and it is particularly effective when used in the treatment of Keloid and hypertrophic scars. As with all medicines, it has been rigorously tested for many years before becoming available: clinical trials and experience have shown that ScarSil is at least equal to traditional silicone gel sheeting in efficiency but is much easier to use. There are loads of benefits to using ScarSil and our competitive price is just one of them.

ScarSil can be applied all over the body and has been developed to be especially soft and gentle, protecting any injuries and adding to the patient’s comfort. Although it obviously cannot be applied to open wounds, it is suitable for use immediately after suture removal and forms a film that completely covers the scarred area. This film is not at all sticky and is completely transparent.

Once applied, ScarSil quickly starts to dry and creates the protective film, which becomes waterproof in minutes. It is practically invisible when completely dry and you can even apply facial cosmetics right over the dried film. There is no chance of maceration of the skin which, protected by the unique film layer, is able to breathe; the incidence of pruritus and vascularity is also reduced.

Application is as simple as gently massaging a small amount of gel into the affected area, taking care that the skin is clean and dry; applying too much is coun­ter­pro­duc­tive and will prevent the gel from drying properly. Give it five minutes to dry before covering with pressure garments or covering with cosmetics and then the patient is ready to get on with their normal everyday activities. Length of treatment varies but is usually for at least 2-3 months until scar maturity.

Learn more about ScarSil today and get in touch with our experts for more detailed information.