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ScarSil®: For Treating Problem Scars

Article - Sep 2023 ScarSilWhen it comes to the treatment of scars, whether they are keloid or hypertrophic, silicone gel is without doubt one of the most reliable methods available.

ScarSil 15ml tube with box front view
Gently applying ScarSil® Silicone Gel to a facial scar

Perhaps the most common way to apply the gel is via fabric sheets, for instance our Scar Fx® silicone sheets and, though this method is widely used, it is not always ideal. When scarring is sustained to awkward areas of the body such as the moving joints or the face, an alternative method is required. 

The solution to this pressing problem comes in the form of ScarSil®, which is the result of a dynamic and in-depth programme of research and development. ScarSil® is a topical silicone gel that, as proven by numerous clinical trials, is as effective at treating problem scars as silicone gel fabric sheets. The gel is, however, suitable for use on the aforementioned awkward areas of the body to which scars may have been sustained. 

Silicone gel suitable for sensitive skin

The ScarSil® formula contains 97% pure silicone along with vitamin C, resulting in silky-smooth gel that is gentle enough to be used on children and those with the most sensitive skin. Scars treated with the gel are flattened and softened, with the incidence of itching, vascularity, maceration and discolouration all dramatically reduced.

ScarSil silicone scar gel being squeezed onto a finger
ScarSil® silicone topical gel

A key advantage of ScarSil® is the fact that it is exceptionally easy to apply, though it is important to note that is should be used only after the wound has closed fully and that sutures, if present, have been removed. The area is first washed and dried before a small amount of the formula is gently massaged onto the skin.

Once applied, ScarSil® dries rapidly to form a seal that is airtight and waterproof, protecting the scar beneath. The seal, which is near-invisible, is also flexible enough to allow for natural, unimpeded body movements. When the gel has dried completely, facial cosmetics and/or sun protection can be applied safely on top of the resulting film. ScarSil® should be applied up to four times daily until the scar matures and an improvement in its appearance is visible.

A recent study carried out by researchers from The Scar Free Foundation and published in the BJPsychOpen psychiatry journal revealed a worrying link between facial scarring and mental health problems. Analysing the data of over 17,000 people, the study found that individuals with facial scarring report experiencing anxiety and depression at much higher levels than the population in general. ScarSil® is an especially useful tool for such individuals, offering a reliable, unintrusive way to treat problem scarring to the face. 

Where can I buy ScarSil?

ScarSil® is available to purchase directly from Medigarments Ltd in tubes of either 15ml or 30ml and is also available on the FP10 drug tariff. For more information about ScarSil®, along with our complete collection of silicone gel products, please browse the Medigarments Ltd website.

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