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ScarSil®: An Excellent Alternative to Silicone Sheet

Article - Dec 2023 ScarSilFor many years, silicone gel has been recognised as being one of the most effective ways to treat both hypertrophic and keloid scars. The traditional method of applying the gel is through the use of sheets of fabric.

ScarSil 15ml tube with box front view
ScarSil® Silicone Scar Gel in a 15ml tube

While this method is effective in many cases, it is not suitable for others; this is especially true when the scars that require treatment are located on the face or on the joints, which need to be able to move freely. 

Through intensive research and development, ScarSil® was created which is a topical gel made using 97% pure silicone of premium quality. All of the many in-depth clinical trials of the product have proven that its effectiveness is equal to that of traditional silicone gel sheeting in the treatment of problem scarring, with the added advantages of being easier to apply and being suitable for use on the face and moving parts of the body. 

Made with added vitamin C, ScarSil® is an especially gentle formula, which means that children and those with sensitive skin can use it safely. Non-sticky and as smooth as silk, ScarSil® flattens and softens the scar while reducing redness, preventing maceration and reducing the incidence of vascularity and pruritis (itching). 

ScarSil silicone scar gel being squeezed onto a finger
ScarSil® silicone scar gel is easy to apply

ScarSil® is exceptionally easy to apply, though it is important to note that is should be used only after the wound has closed fully and that sutures, if present, have been removed. After thoroughly washing and completely drying the affected area, a small amount of ScarSil® should be massaged gently onto the skin. Do not apply too much as this will prevent the gel from fully drying.

Within minutes, the formula will dry to create a waterproof, airtight, flexible and practically-invisible protective film over the scar. Once the gel has dried completely, facial cosmetics and/or sun protection can be applied safely on top of the resulting film. ScarSil® should be applied up to four times daily until the scar matures and an improvement in its appearance is visible.

One user of ScarSil®, Jacqueline, kindly took the time to leave a review of the product which we think sums it up perfectly. Jacqueline said: "Brilliant stuff! Goes on so easy and is so lovely. Really helping my scars and very impressed. Highly recommended."

Where can I buy ScarSil?

ScarSil® is available to purchase directly from Medigarments Ltd in tubes of either 15ml or 30ml and is also available on the FP10 drug tariff. For more information about the product, along with our complete collection of silicone gel products, please browse our website.

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