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Pressure Therapy and Wound Healing

A device that is often used to show the beneficial effects of many different types of products is the before-and-after photo. In the ‘before’, we see a problem; anything from an unflattering hairstyle to a medical injury. The ‘after’ then shows us the problem totally solved by the product in question. But what about the interim…?

Wound healing is a complex process and there are many ways of helping the body along, such as the wearing of pressure garments.  During the intermediate stages of healing, full therapeutic pressure is sometimes not indicated or, if it is, can not be comfortably tolerated by the patient. Premium Interim Care has been designed to help bridge the gap.

Premium Interim Care is a range of specialised RTW Pressure Garments that can be worn over newly-healed yet still-sensitive skin without causing any discomfort to the patient. They deliver a light pressure to the skin that provides the beneficial effects until weight has stabilised and the wound is fully healed.

At this point in the healing process, standard full-therapeutic MTM pressure garments are recommended and Premium Interim Care garments are designed for short-term use only.

The soft, smooth and lightweight lycra used to manufacture Premium Interim Care garments is easy to measure and are easy to don and remove. Several different ready-to-wear designs are available, each of which may also be used to assist with dressing retention.

Discover the Premium Interim Care range on our website and do not hesitate to get in touch with our expert team for further advice, information and support on this or any other Jobskin product.