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Our Newest (and Cutest!) Staff Member...

When we employ a new member of staff here at Jobskin, we think it’s something worth celebrating. And so it is with great pleasure that we introduce Winston, the Jobskin Bear! Winston is going to be around and about Jobskin in future, making sure that everyone is working hard and bringing a smile to everyone’s face, both old and young alike...

Winston the Jobskin Bear is already making his presence felt and has been popping up on our Instagram feed, where you’ll be able to follow him. Make sure to like his pictures or we will have one very sad bear to deal with; you can use #winston and #jobskin to make sure he keeps that adorable smile on his little face.

So, what has Winston been up to recently? Well, he certainly enjoyed the festive period and got more gifts than anyone else! A picture of him surrounded by tasty treats was a big hit on our Instagram and we’re pretty sure that he ate them all BEFORE his dinner. But how can you possibly scold such a sweet bear? The answer is: you can’t. Luckily, Winston knows the benefit of exercise and soon worked off those excess pounds to keep himself looking trim.

The Jobskin Bear also played host to his very own MTM compression garment workshop. It can be difficult at first to understand why some people need to wear these garments, and then it can seem even more difficult to get to grips with putting them on and taking them off again. Workshops help with these difficulties and Winston knows just how to deliver the message; a little sweetness goes a LONG way. Getting everything right with new compression garments is a breeze for the little bear and he wants to help others get it right too.

Teddy bears have been around for a long time but that doesn't mean that they are stuck in the past when it comes to new technology! VR or Virtual Reality is getting better every day and it’s a great way to show how a compression garment will look when it is worn. We at Jobskin are working hard on our VR and Winston couldn't help but get involved with the fun, modelling his very own compression garment in an exclusive photoshoot. He looked absolutely spiffing and enjoyed all the fuss without being a diva like some models we could mention…

Follow Winston on the Jobskin Instagram feed @jobskin_ltd and look out for updates in our newsletter!