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Orthowrap: Unrivalled Joint Support

Knees, necks, wrists and ankles: what do these four body parts have in common? Not only are they all joints but they are the hardest-working and the most vulnerable to strains and injuries. For many people, the truth of this is often brought home to them when they realise how much having one or more of these joints out of service affects daily life.

Depending on the type and seriousness of injury, it could mean being out of commission for some time; this is obviously a length of time that everyone wants to make as short as possible. For conditions that may continue indefinitely, such as rheumatoid arthritis, alleviating the symptoms takes on a new importance.

Orthowrap™ comprises a collection of joint support solutions designed to give immediate relief and assist greatly in healing by immobilising and stabilising the affected area, preventing further injury. The collection displays great versatility in the number of conditions it can help with and, as with all Jobskin products, has been specifically designed and tested to the limit (and beyond!).

We have made it so easy to choose the right Orthowrap™ product for your particular needs and you don’t even need to worry about getting a left or right support as they are designed to be universal and fit on either. There are basic options along with more advanced solutions that help to focus better attention on specific needs; for example the wrap-around hinged-knee support is also available with hyper-extension.

As well as supports for these vital joints, Orthowrap™ also contains within the collection a range of back supports. As the back is the very centre of our bodies and is involved to some extent in practically all physical movement, it is vital that it is supported properly when necessary. As with the Orthowrap™ joint support garments, Orthowrap™ back supports are available in a range of options to make sure your body gets the care it needs.

Discover the range Orthowrap™ and get ready to enjoy a better, more fulfilling function from your body. With our help, you can be healthy again!

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