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Orthowrap™: The Best in Wrist Support

The hand is an incredibly complex part of the body and allows us to hold and manipulate objects with great precision. The bones, nerves and muscles of the hand work usually work in perfect harmony but their very complexity means that they are vulnerable to injury; when such injuries occur, the right level of therapeutic support must be given in order to allow healing and restore function.

The wrists are particularly vulnerable to injuries as they take a lot of strain and are involved in complex manoeuvres. Part of our innovative Orthowrap™ collection contains a selection of wrist supports, detailed below.

Lace Wrist Brace

Designed to provide support and immobilisation to sprained/­strained wrists, the Lace Wrist Brace is a versatile therapeutic device. The product features a pull-on design which completely covers the affected area, fastening with lace to ensure the perfect fit and a high level of evenly-distributed pressure. To enable as much function as possible, the Lace Wrist Brace has a non restrictive-thumb web strap along with a shaped palmer bar.


Mini Wrist Brace

A smaller version of the Lace Wrist Brace, the Mini Wrist Brace is recommended for the therapeutic relief from mild pain caused by wrist injury.

Contour Wrist Brace

Delivering a combination of improved fit and enhanced adjustability, the contour wrist brace measures a full 20cm and features a simple touch-and-close fastening mechanism. Plenty of support is provided with both dorsal and palmer bars.

Paediatric Contour Wrist Brace

A smaller version of our Contour Wrist Brace designed for young people.

NHS PASA Elastic Wrist Support

This one-piece elastic wrist support is only available through NHS Logistics (codes GQB083 – GQB088) as it has been designed NHS PASA Physiotherapy contracts. Sold in packs of six supports, this is an extremely cost-effective option. 

If you have any questions about these wrist support solutions, please contact our expert team today.

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