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Mediroyal Oedema Gloves Open Fingers

Mediroyal Oedema Gloves Open Fingers

Medi Royal open fingered glove by Medigarments Ltd

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Mediroyal Unisex Oedema Gloves – Open Fingers

Oedema affects thousands of people and is a common symptom in patients following post-surgical procedures, hand related injuries or a CVA (cereb­ro­vas­cular accident)­ also known as a stroke. Hand rehabilitation often includes light compression for a limited time and conveniently,­ Jobskin® supply individual, high quality and affordable Oedema Gloves. Made from Spandex and Polyamide with elasticated seams for easy application and functionality, all oedema gloves supplied by Jobskin® are designed to offer gentle, consistent compression therapy to the wearer, helping patients to control soft tissue oedema and reduce swelling. Our unique seamless distal end no cuff design finish with external finger and thumb seams encourages patient compliance and ensures smooth application providing essential therapeutic comfort day and night.

Our open finger oedema gloves allow for unhindered examination when the monitoring of swelling is important. The open fingered style also improves the patient's dexterity and freedom to undertake activities such as mobile phone usage and reading.

Recent improvements to these gloves have included:

  • Improving the seams with a higher degree of stretch
  • Overall finger spacing and lengths have been improved
  • Additional support added over the Thenar muscle
  • The material has been improved to provide a higher comfort and compression

Mediroyal Oedema Gloves are unisex and sold individually as oedema can affect just one hand, supplied in a range of sizes for both left and right hands. For the correct measurement, measure the circumference of the hand through the thumb web space and compare this figure with the guide below.

MediroyalOedema Gloves are hand washable

Size Chart

Size Circumference around the MCP joints
XSmall 178mm
Small 203mm
Medium 228mm
Large 255mm 






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