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Keeping You Safe Online: Jobskin and the GDPR

Data protection is something that Jobskin has always taken extremely seriously in our work; focusing on such protection comes naturally to us as we are particularly concerned with patient confi­den­ti­ality. The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) becomes part of UK law on 25th May 2018 and we will of course be fully compliant with the new law, ensuring that our customers' data is safer than ever before.

Before its recent ratification by the EU, the GDPR was carefully debated over a period of four years. The new legislation will apply to any company which stores data on EU citizens and sets out a new, complete set of rules that are designed to make the online experience safer for everyone. Organisations from outside the EU will also have to comply with the rules when storing data from EU citizens.

An important aspect of the GDPR is the enhancement of individual control over personal data. Customers will be able to easily and quickly identify which data are stored and will also be able to demand that such data is removed or edited if required. Extending the definition of 'personal data' that is currently covered by the UK Data Protection Act, the GDPR will include indirect identifiers such as cookies and IP addresses, as well as directly-identifiable data like email addresses.

We have been working hard to ensure that all of our systems are fully compliant with the GDPR. All identifiable data will be pseudonymised and encrpyted and our data storage systems will be made even more robustly secure than before. Regular tests will ensure that these systems are working properly and we will appoint a dedicated data officer as the first point of contact.

If you subscribe to our newsletter, you will soon receive information about the data we hold. You will also be asked to confirm that we can continue to keep using your data to send our newsletter, allowing us to stay in touch and bring you news, developments and updates from Jobskin. Look out for this information and make sure you confirm or we will delete your data and you will have to re-subscribe to continue receiving important Jobskin updates.

Winston says, “I don't really understand all of this computer stuff but I have complete trust in the Jobskin team to do all the hard work for us! If you want to keep hearing from me, and of course you do, then follow the instructions that the Jobskin team send. See you soon!”