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Jobskin – Upfront & Personal

Medical garments over the years were predominantly beige in colour and considered to be rather boring. It wasn't easy to encourage a patient to comply in wearing a medical device, even though they offer varying levels of therapeutic success.­ Children especially struggled with wearing plain devices that set them apart from their peers. That's why Jobskin® include a range of personalisation options, allowing patients to customise their made-to-measure pressure garments, sensory dynamic orthosis (SDO®) garments, gaiters and other made-to-measure therapeutic wear.

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The many studies and research projects that have led to the creation of the Jobskin® collection of therapy garments mean nothing if you can't actually get the patient to wear the garment. No matter how comfortable and effective the garment is, it can't offer any therapeutic value at all unless it is actually worn. The option of colourful transfers, motifs and designs dramatically assists in this respect, making the garment fun to wear and giving the patient a sense of control over their condition. With this in mind, Jobskin® are pleased to offer the following to each and every client ordering a made-to-measure garment.

Jobskin's Personalisation includes:Tall personalisation display_web

  • FREE motifs
  • FREE colourful bindings for children and adults
  • FREE printed zippers
  • Patterned fabrics as well as plain coloured
  • Regularly updated Gaiter fabrics

Though the simple addition of colour and character may be needed to get a child to wear a garment in the first place, it's then that all of our studies and research come into play. The child will happily wear their garment, completely forgetting that it is a medical device and benefiting from the therapeutic qualities we have worked so hard to achieve. They may even proudly show off their garments to their friends and family as they wear their new 'Unicorn' or 'Batman' outfits.

At Jobskin® we feel that personalisation is so crucial to patient compliance, that we offer all of our personalisation options absolutely free. That's right: all of our custom bindings, zips and motifs can be selected with no extra cost when you purchase any of our made-to-measure garments. Though primarily aimed at children and young people, our personalisation options are equally available to adults as well.

We invite you to browse the the ‘Personalisation’ section of our website to discover your options. And remember, all perso­nali­sations can be added to your Jobskin made-to-measure garment at no extra cost.