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Jobskin® Gaiters are the Bee's Knees!

As anyone who suffers with a debilitating condition will well know, there is a lot more at stake than physical pain and discomfort. Indeed, it is quite often the case that managing the condition on a daily basis can be stressful to our body, our mood and our whole lives. At Medigarments Ltd, we have made it a mission to ease these discomforts when manufacturing our Gaiters, by applying attractive fabric designs.

Flexion Gaiter Bumble Bee

UK-Heart-Corsets-and-Gaiters-P125-15C-Dark-GreenJobskin® Gaiters make the prolonged wearing of various surgical garments such as bandages, slings and casts a more pleasant experience. As well as getting in the way and being a general hassle in our daily lives, surgical garments are not generally designed with aesthetic quality in mind. Medigarments Ltd change all that by bringing our unique skills in British manufacturing to the forefront and combining them with a focus on the human touch.

Control is required to support issues such as stabilising and limiting particular movements of certain joints, and this is no fun for anyone. Imagine how it must feel for a child. As an adult you at least have some autonomy about the decisions made regarding your healthcare and the resources to research them but for a child in your care then they're relying on you. One way to help them face their pain and recover faster and stronger is with a colourful custom fabric that’s guaranteed to put a smile on their face.

Colour has a remarkable effect on our mood as vision is our predominant sense; never is this fact more relevant than when someone, expecting a beige brace has managed a genuine smile at the sight of a colourful Jobskin® gaiter, which is even more precious when that smile belongs to a child.

So, go ahead and browse our fabric choices in the made-to-measure and ready-to-wear gaiter range.

We also invite you to browse the Jobskin® website to learn more about our innovative and highly-effective collection of SDO® dynamic compression garments. If you need any further advice or information, our dedicated clinical team will be more than happy to provide it so please do not hesitate to get in touch

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