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Is Anything Better than Silicone Sheeting?

Problem scarring isn’t just a physical issue; the emotional trauma can often be worse in many ways. Acting decisively to soothe both aspects, silicone gel sheeting is one of the best solutions but it isn’t for everyone and there are alternatives, one of which is ScarSil.

ScarSil is effective on all types of scarring but particularly hypertrophic and keloid scars. The product has been shown to be as effective as traditional silicone sheeting in extensive clinical trials but is far easier to apply, reducing tension and improving compliance.

How to use ScarSil

  • ScarSil is simply applied to the body like a cream and massaged gently in

  • It can be used anywhere on the body

  • Only a small amount is required

  • The beneficial effects begin right away; ScarSil has been described as feeling like ‘silk in liquid form’, which gives an instant feeling of comfort and luxury

  • Almost immediately after application, the product begins to dry and becomes fully waterproof in a matter of minutes

  • As ScarSil dries, it forms a protective film which is non-sticky and is totally transparent and so invisible to the naked eye

  • The dried film protects the scarred area so completely that you can safely apply facial cosmetics right on top of it

  • Skin can still breathe and there is no risk of any maceration or problems such as pruritus and vascularity

  • Treatment length is usually around 3 months

  • ScarSil is not suitable for application to any open wounds or sores but can be used immediately after suture removal

At Jobskin, we are absolutely committed to reducing the negative experiences that many people with problem scarring face. Our research and development is constantly geared towards finding better solutions and we always put the patient first.

Weekly Winston Update

Winston, the Jobskin bear, is currently creating his very own compression garment to show just how easy it is. It’s nothing to be scared of; in fact, it can be a whole lot of fun and Winston is already very excited as you can see! You can also see that he is feeling calm, relaxed and happy, which is the first step in getting the right compression garment to suit YOU.

You have to be in a good frame of mind and you certainly can’t get the best result in the middle of a tantrum (not that our lovely, huggable and stupendously sweet bear ever has anything so ugly as one of those!).

Follow Winston’s progress over the next couple of weeks here on the Jobskin website and also on Instagram, where you can see all of the other things that he gets up to.