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Introducing the New Contour Wrist Brace

Article - Jun 2020 Wrist BraceJobskin is proud to introduce a new product to our collection: the Contour Wrist Brace. Available in both adult and paediatric formats, this versatile device is particularly suitable for providing treatment during the period of restrictive operating practices caused by COVID-19 and injuries resulting from activities in lockdown.


The new Contour Wrist Brace from Jobskin is designed to deliver effective support and immobilisation to painful, injured, weak or unstable wrists. By resisting movement, the brace both encourages and enhances functionality during the critical period of healing and strengthening.

Strong, secure Velcro-fastening straps ensure that the Contour Wrist Brace can be fitted and removed with ease, causing minimal discomfort to the patient. Thanks to its removable volar and dorsal bars, the device has numerous clinical applications, including:

  • Instability and joint laxity. Worn with both bars removed, the Contour Wrist Brace provides alignment and stability to patients with diagnoses such as low tone, Elhers Danlos syndrome and benign hypermobility. 
  • Support. Where there is pain and inflammation, the splint can provide rest and support when worn with only the volar bar in place.
  • Muscle Balance and Resistance. For abnormal tone and recovering radial nerve lesions, the Contour Wrist Brace should be worn with only the dorsal bar inserted.
  • Immobilisation. Wearing the device with both bars in place is recommended for post-traumatic rest and prolonged stretch.

Patient compliance is key and this aspect can be especially difficult with children and young people. To help, Jobskin offer a range of personalisation options absolutely free with our compliments. Find out more details about the new Contour Wrist Brace, along with personalisation options, on our website.