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Hand Therapists

ScarSil® Topical Gel

ScarSil Topical Gel 15ml and 30ml Tube
  • £28.92
Rating: 4.9 of 5

Scar FX® Silicone Sheet – SG01A

10cm x 20cm and 25.5cm x 30.5cm Silicone Sheet
  • £39.05

Scar FX® Silicone Strip – SG03A

3.75x22.5cm Silicone Strip
  • £26.53

Oleeva® Fabric Silicone Sheet with Silon Technology - OFSR01

Oleeva® Fabric is used to minimize and reduce scars resulting from traumatic or surgical injuries and is uniquely thin and self-adhesive.
  • £15.94

Oleeva® Foam Sheets

Oleeva® Foam combines an adhesive Silicone surface with a soft and pliable foam material
  • £16.00

Silon-LTS® Low Temperature Splinting

Silon-LTS® is indicated for the management of hypertrophic scars and keloids. Particularly useful for areas where scar contracture is expected.
  • £83.00

Finger Sleeve

A ready to wear finger sleeve made in Powernet fabric.
  • £22.77

Hand Tapes

A box of Hand Measuring tapes. 20 tapes per box.
  • £7.25

Orthowrap™ Paediatric Contour Wrist Brace – NW12A

Paediatric Orthowrap™ Wrist Supports -Contour Wrist Brace - NW12
  • £9.56

Orthowrap Elastic Wrist Brace - NW16

Orthowrap Elastic Wrist Support - NW16
  • £6.04

Orthowrap Mini Wrist Brace - NW06

Mini Wrist Brace - NW06
  • £10.60
Rating: 5.0 of 5

Orthowrap Lace Wrist Brace - NW08

Orthowrap Lace Wrist Brace - NW08
  • £21.20