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Five Facts about Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy affects thousands of children and adults but wider knowledge of the condition is limited. Here we present some of the important facts about cerebral palsy and how it affects people.

  • Cerebral palsy is defined as "a group of permanent disorders of the development of movement and posture, causing activity limitations that are attributed to non-progressive disturbances that occurred in the developing foetal or infant brain." (Rosenbaum et al, 2006)
  • The cause of the condition is currently unknown though it appears that there are a number of contributing factors involved. These include pregnancy disorders, genetic predisposal, head/brain trauma and premature birth
  • Cerebral palsy causes issues with the normal movement and can affect any area of the body. Classic symptoms include lowered reflexes, problems with balance, poor muscle tone, skeletal deformities, speech impediments and an unsteady gait. All sufferers of cerebral palsy are different and may experience different combinations and severity of these symptoms
  • Many studies of cerebral palsy have been carried out relating to the incidence of learning disability associated with the condition; results show that between 26% and 53% of people affected by cerebral palsy will also experience some form of learning difficulty. Though many sufferers do not exhibit learning disability, the physical symptoms are often taken as representing such a difficulty, which can be extremely upsetting
  • The symptoms of cerebral palsy can be greatly relieved by wearing dynamic compression garments, which help improve abnormal muscle tone as well as increasing proprioceptive and sensory feedback. Musculoskeletal stability and alignment are also improved by wearing such garments.

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