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Festive Season Fun

The Festive season is one of the worst times to not be 100% healthy and able to enjoy all the treats. It’s also not much fun wearing compression garments when everyone else is dressed up. Well, don’t worry because here at Jobskin we’ll make sure that you SHALL go to the ball!

Personalisation motifs from Jobskin really help with compliance, turning a medical garment into a fun garment. There are loads to choose from so there’s something for everyone and all personalisation is totally free, courtesy of Jobskin.

So, what kind of motifs do we have? It’s hard to know where to start! There are lots of cute animal designs, including butterflies, ponies dogs and turtles as well as a cool choice of adorable teddy bears. They join a host of other character motifs, from princesses to pirates, including robots and mermaids along the way! Should we be worried that the skull and crossbones motif is so popular?! Minions from the blockbuster movie are now rumoured to be appearing on Jobskin garments!

Bindings are another item that we can personalise free of charge here at Jobskin.With a focus on favourite children’s characters, also the favourite of just as many adults! There’s Minnie Mouse, Snow White, Spongebob, Thomas the Tank Engine, Batman, Spiderman and the Little Mermaid rubbing shoulders at our HQ! There’s also favourite movies represented too, with scenes from Frozen, Cars, Monsters Inc. Teenage Turtles and more.

Even zips can be customised and here the emphasis is on abstract patterns. The floral designs are particularly rich and vibrant, delivering a hit of spring whatever the season. There’s also the atmospheric ambience of the popular Galaxy design along with the no-nonsense army camouflage and glamorous animal print. If you’re feeling really Seasonal, the disco spot design is sure to liven up any party!

Don’t feel down this Festive season because you or your child has to wear compression garments. Get all of the therapy and look great too with personalisation options from Jobskin, all supplied absolutely free on request. Browse our full collection now and have a fabulous festive season!