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Dynamic Compression: Feel as Snug as a Bug in a Sensory Hug®!

Article - Jan 2024 Sensory HugConditions that are characterised by difficulties in sensory processing (such as ADD/ADHD, SPD/SID and autism) can be difficult to manage. One proven method, backed up by a significant amount of clinical evidence and observation, is the application of deep pressure, otherwise known as 'dynamic compression'.

round Beige zip strip detailLR
Sensory Hug® Mini in Bulldog showing zip strip detailing

Delivering dynamic compression has in the past been challenging as the pressure must be consistent and continuous in order to produce the beneficial effects. To solve this pressing issue, Medigarments Ltd proudly designed and created the SDO® (Sensory Dynamic Orthosis) Sensory Hug®.

Carefully and precisely manufactured using a combination of Orthowrap™ and LYCRA®, the revolutionary Sensory Hug® can be worn either beneath or over ordinary clothing, delivering the required level of dynamic pressure without impeding the wearer's movements. Adjusting the pressure is a matter of swift simplicity: each garment comes complete with zip-strips in three different lengths, which can be added or removed to tighten or loosen as required.

The Sensory Hug® offers exceptional versatility, providing targeted support to suit the individual needs of each wearer. Many users of the garment wear it only for specific activities, such as playing, eating or going to school. Others derive more benefit from wearing a Sensory Hug® as a key element of their daily routine: it is important to note that the garment should be removed before the wearer goes to bed.

Proven reduction in anxiety and sensory seeking behaviours

Sensory Hug Maxi Mermaid Zip detail
Sensory Hug® Maxi in Mermaid

The sensory and proprioceptive feedback the garment provides have been repeatedly proven to reduce overactivity, anxiety, restlessness and other negative patterns of sensory-seeking behaviour. These marked decreases directly result in corresponding increases in things like attentiveness, concentration, body awareness, stability, independence, calmness, coping ability and general functioning.

The Sensory Hug® is available in a choice of Mini or Maxi formats and wearers can personalise their garment by selecting from Black, Beige, Mermaid or Bulldog design options. Over the next few weeks, we will be publishing more blog articles about the many benefits and advantages that wearing the Sensory Hug® can deliver. If you would like to make sure that you don't miss out on these then please consider subscribing to our free email newsletter.

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The Sensory Hug® is part of The World of SDO® Sensory Dynamic Orthosis range of dynamic LYCRA® compression garments by Medigarments Ltd. Sensory Hug® and SDO® are the registered trademarks of Medigarments Ltd. 

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