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Don't Lose Your Grip...

Many postoperative patients who develop Oedema benefit from the use of compression garments. When these are required in the form of gloves, they can become a challenging and stressful obstacle for the patient, who may find it difficult to properly grip objects or otherwise suffer from reduced hand function that affects their everyday lives.

The use of our hands is one of the things that most of us take for granted and, like many other things in life, we don't appreciate how important it is until we have it taken away. On top of the discomfort the patient is already experiencing, the sudden clumsiness and difficulties holding ordinary objects can be almost too much to bear.

To address the difficult issue, Mediroyal have invested in the design and development of a glove that combines the benefits of dynamic compression with the ability to use the hands in as free and natural way as possible. Mediroyal worked in close collaboration with renowned hand therapist Margareta Persson, which has resulted in a revolutionary product.

The key feature of Mediroyal Silicone Grip Gloves is the carefully-designed series of patterns which, made from fine silicone, allows the patient a vastly-improved ability to grip. This quality is derived from the high level of friction created by the patterns in the gloves, which are simply placed over each volar, thenar muscle, finger and thumb.

To ensure comfort and therapeutic value, the glove has been designed with open fingers and is manufactured in Lycra to give excellent compression over the fingers. There is no distal seam to worry about and other seams are fully elasticated for the perfect compressive fit.

Compression is often needed in the volar and over the MCP-joints; this can easily be achieved by combining the silicone grip gloves with the included palmar pad, increasing the scope and versatility of this excellent, breakthrough product. Both left- and right-handed versions are available

At Jobskin, we are committed to always extending our knowledge through training programs, research and simple yet invaluable everyday experience with both patients and professionals. This naturally leads to an enhanced product range and SIlicone Grip Gloves are one of the newest additions so  find out more and, if you require any information or further details, don’t hesitate to contact our expert team.