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December 3rd is International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Article - Dec 2023 Disability DayInternational Day of Persons With Disabilities (IDPWD) has been observed all over the world each year on December 3rd since the first event in 1992.

Spearheaded and promoted by the United Nations (UN), the day is aimed at promoting understanding and raising awareness of the issues faced by people with disabilities, as well as highlighting 'gains to be derived from the integration of persons with disabilities in every aspect of political, social, economic and cultural life'.

Jobskin® Premium and Jobskin® Classic pressure garments by Medigarments Ltd
Jobskin® Premium and Jobskin® Classic pressure garments by Medigarments Ltd

Established in 1945, the UN has continually demonstrated its commitment to creating sustainable, accessible and inclusive societies and communities; one of its best-known achievements in this regard is its adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The UN's first campaign specifically aimed at improving the lives of people with disabilities was in 1976, when it announced that 1981 would be the International Year of Disabled Persons. 

The UN rightly regards disability inclusion as 'an essential condition to upholding human rights, sustainable development, and peace and security.' Its continued commitment to realising the rights of people with disabilities is not simply a matter of justice and equality but is also 'an investment in a common future'. 

Though created by the UN, IDPWD belongs to everyone. It is not only individuals who have a vital role to play: various charities, educational establishments, agencies and organisations all need to work together to address exclusion, margi­nali­sation, inaccessibility and discrimination. Though IDPWD is observed on just one day, it is symbolic of the actions that must be taken every day of the year in the struggle to create accepting, diverse communities.

IDPWD is built around four 'pillars'. These are:

  • Celebration. Recognising and valuing the diversity of the world's population and cherishing each individual, regardless of their abilities 
  • Education. Understanding and learning from the lived experiences of people with disabilities
  • Optimism. Learning from the past and looking towards a future where people are characterised by their abilities instead of by their disabilities 
  • Action. Encouraging and facilitating individuals and groups to not only show support for IDPWD but to commit to action that helps to create a fairer, more equal world

Medical garments by Medigarments

A strong advocate for inclusion and accessibility, Medigarments Ltd helps to improve the lives of people with disabilities every day through its design, manufacture and supply of therapeutic garments. These include our signature Jobskin® Premium and Jobskin® Classic pressure therapy garments for burns and scar management along with our leading SDO® Original Sensory Dynamic Orthosis dynamic compression garments for increasing sensory and proprioceptive feedback and improving muscu­los­ke­letal stability and alignment.­ 

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Jobskin® Premium & Jobskin® Classic pressure garments by Medigarments Ltd