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Compression Garments: On and Off with Ease

To get the most therapeutic value from compression garments, they should be worn regularly as part of a focused treatment plan. As with any aspect of life, the theory is often a lot easier than the practice and, for many varied reasons, the best-laid plans are not always stuck to. Part of our work here at Jobskin is identifying these reasons and delivering solutions to them.

Compliance with a treatment plan that involves the regular wearing of compression garments is not always easy and many patients cite the actual donning of the garment as an issue. Pain or discomfort when donning and/or removing such garments is the main reason for this but time has also proved to be a problem; donning takes time and concentration to ensure the fit is exactly right.

Our brief, then, was to collate and offer access to products that a) make donning easier and b) make donning faster, with the intention of preventing pain and saving time. Our skilled and dedicated team met the brief with their usual expertise and the result is the eclectic Jobskin collection of donning aids.

Easy Slide: the simplest method, this selection of products includes a device for donning arm sleeves and one designed especially for children which can be used to don arm or leg garments

Magnide: also available in adult or child format, this range is intended for patients using closed-toe compression stockings and tights

Steve+: this is our most comprehensive range and offers complete versatility. The Combibox can be used without assistance and lets the patient choose their preferred position for donning and removal. The collection also features a dedicated arm and leg applicator as well as grip gloves with a non-latex option.

Our donning aids are proven to improve compliance when it comes to compression garments. Please browse the full range and, to make sure you choose the most suitable option from the array, we invite you to get in touch with our expert team for clear, competent and confidential advice.

Weekly Winston Update

Weekly Winston Update1Last week, we told you that Winston the Jobskin bear had decided to create his very own compression garment to show you how much fun it is. Here you can see that he has chosen his favourite trim from the wide selection on offer here at Jobskin.

The trim Winston has opted for is in his favourite colour which is a lovely shade of purple and this will be used to edge his garment and give it an exciting, stylish look. The trim is cut to size, ready to be firmly attached to the fabric of the garment.!

There is no charge for any of the customisations on offer so he can really let loose and enjoy choosing. Keep tuning into our news articles to keep up with Winston's activity!