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Christmas Jumper Day at Jobskin®

Jobskin® is a company that supports children in many different ways, from designing and manufacturing a wide range of therapeutic paediatric garments to working with child models who display these garments on our website and in the literature we use for marketing purposes. That's why our staff will proudly be joining in with Christmas Jumper day, an event organised by the charity Save the Children.


After the end of the First World War, Britain continued with the blockade of goods to Germany that had been imposed in 1914. This affected many children in cities such as Berlin and Vienna, causing them to become malnourished, susceptible to rickets (a condition that affects bone development) and other conditions caused by malnutrition.

The Fight the Famine movement attempted to raise awareness about how this blockade was affecting people in Europe. Dorothy Buxton and Eglantyne Jebb were heavily involved with the movement, leading Jebb to be arrested in 1919 for distributing leaflets in London's Trafalgar Square. The leaflets showed shocking pictures of young people affected by famine with the headline 'Our Blockade has caused this – millions of children are starving to death'. Jebb and Buxton called a public meeting at the Royal Albert Hall, where they announced their intention to set up a 'Save the Children' fund.

Save the Children grew into an international charity and has helped children all over the world, raising much-needed funds as well as awareness. Christmas Jumper Day is just one of the charity's many campaigns and first took place in 2012. The event encourages participants to wear a Christmas jumper to work (whether in the physical or virtual world) and donate £2 or more to Save the Children.

All of the staff at Jobskin® will be wearing Christmas Jumpers on Friday 11th December. If you're taking part (and if not, why not?!) we'd love you to send us your pictures!