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Celebrating Pressure Garments this July...

July is National Contract Sewing Month, celebrating the extensive and diverse range of products created using a needle and thread, whether by hand or by machine. As Jobskin's product portfolio relies heavily on fabrics, we are looking forward to this national month of observance and, if you are a Jobskin customer who purchases any of our fabric-based products, then you can join in too.

The history of sewing dates right back to the stone age, when the method was used to stitch animal hides together to produce clothing and shelter. Needles have been made from a variety of materials including wood and bone, while materials as diverse as animal sinew and thin strips of leaves have been used for 'thread'.

Though materials and techniques have been vastly improved over the years, the basic process of sewing remains unchanged. As stitched products in their infinite variety of forms have been a part of human civilisation for so long, it is easy to take them for granted: National Contract Sewing Month was created in order to recognise the intricacy, skill and experience that goes into making stitched products such as our pressure garments.

As well as the garments themselves, stitching is also used in our extensive range of personalisation options, all of which are provided totally free of charge with pressure garments from Jobskin. The range is being added to all the time so check out your options on our website.

Did you also know about our quality and skill?

  • We have a team of highly skilled seamstresses, who provide a unique service to personally tailor garmets to your body shape.
  • Every garmet is tailored in Nottingham, British craftsmanship in its finest form.
  • We only use the highest quiality of thread for our products.
  • We have a critical eye for detail, meaning that each and every garmet we make is always at the highest standard possible.

To take part in National Contract Sewing Month, take a photo of your personalised Jobskin garment and upload to social media, tagging it #Jobskin and #Contra­ctSe­win­gMonth!