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Back-to-School Comfort-Fit Face Masks Now Available!

Though wearing a face covering to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is crucial, it isn't particularly comfortable! This can raise issues with compliance, especially when it comes to children and young people. To help, the experts at Jobskin have been hard at work creating a new range of extra-comfortable face masks, which are now available in a selection of the most popular school uniform colours: Black, Blue and Red.

Physical social distancing is a good way to help prevent the transfer of coronavirus between people but in many situations, including the school environment, maintaining the recommended distance of two metres between people can be difficult, if not impossible. That's where the mask comes into play: by providing a physical barrier that prevents droplets from being released while breathing, the mask further improves the wearer's chances of staying safe.

Disposable face masks are a common sight but, though they are convenient, they are not particularly kind to the environment. A washable and thus reusable face mask is therefore a much more sustainable choice and also delivers cost-savings. Our reusable face masks feature an innovative fixing device: instead of elastic ear straps, the straps on our masks fasten securely behind the head to deliver increased comfort.

New Comfort-Fit face masks from Jobskin, available in three different sizes, are made from the highest quality fabrics used widely across our range of garments, giving them excellent breathability and allowing them to be used over and over again. In addition to the back-to-school range in Blue, Black and Red, we also supply masks with a selection of fun prints, including Construction, Safari and Hearts & Flowers. The masks are either sold singly or as cost-effective packs of three: wash, wear and one-for-spare!

Discover more details about our new range of face masks on the Jobskin website. Stay safe!