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Jobskin® Premium Panty Girdle, Below Knee, Open or Closed Pubis – 1111

Jobskin® Premium Panty Girdle, Below Knee, Open or Closed Pubis – 1111


  • 1111-Premium-below-knee-open-pubis
  • 1111-Premium-below-knee-closed-pubis
  • 1111-Premium-below-knee-different-leg-lengths
  • 1111-Premium-below-knee-one-long-leg-length
  • Jobskin® Premium Panty Girdle one or both legs below knee in denim fabric
  • Jobskin® Premium Panty Girdle One or both legs below knee in denim fabric, on male
Product code: 1111
For scarring:
• Over the hip joint, the upper thigh or on the knee

This type of garment will assure proper pressure over the hip and upper thigh.

• Can be constructed with legs of differing lengths
• This garment does not have feet, it finishes at the ankle

Available with open or closed pubis


Measuring Guide - Lower Extremity.

Although this guide uses old style order forms, the measuring descriptions are still relevant today.



Garment modifications

  • Grey - Circumference measurement
  • Orange - Linear measurement

Item description

Item code


Reinforced knee

1186 Left or right

Lining behind knee

0040 Left or right

Reinforced heel

1187 Left or right

Additional heel reinforcements

  • Ideal for manual workers and children where the garment gets a lot of wear 
0020 Left or right

Self enclosed toe in base fabric (no seams)

1159 Left or right

Soft enclosed toe in lining fabric

1160 Left or right

Braces or Straps

1162 Detachable with Velcro® or sewn to garment (not detachable)

Velcro® tabs

  • Set of 4 for vest attachments



  • Sewn in for the insertion of pads to apply extra pressure to certain areas
0027 Specify position using Silon-TEX II pad (see below)


  • Short zippers can be inserted at the ankle to ease the fitting or for the insertion of conformers 
  • Note: avoid zippers if possible as pressure can be compromised 
    Short zipper (<20cm)  1164 Left or right
    Long zipper (>20cm) 1165 Left or right

Tools required


Jobskin® Premium

Fabric options - Powernet

  • Powernet Beige Beige
  • Powernet Tan Tan
  • Powernet Blossom Blossom
  • Powernet Red Red
  • Powernet Raspberry Raspberry
  • Powernet Classy Blue Classy Blue
  • Powernet Denim Blue Denim Blue
  • Powernet Black Black
  • Unicorn Unicorn
  • Safari Car Safari Car
  • Paw Print Paw Print
  • Pink Camo Pink Camo
  • Green Camo Green Camo
  • Blue Camo Blue Camo

Personalisation options - Bindings

  • Daisies Daisies
  • Roses Roses
  • Rainbow Mermaid Rainbow Mermaid
  • Pink Tribe Pink Tribe
  • Rocket Rocket
  • Black and White Football Black & White Football
  • Pink Football Pink Football
  • Pink Hearts Pink Hearts
  • Silver Aztec Silver Aztec
  • Pink Aztec Pink Aztec
  • Spots and Stripes Spots and Stripes

Thread choices

  • White White
  • Beige Beige
  • Tan Tan
  • Pastel Pink Pastel Pink
  • Bright Pink Bright Pink
  • Red Red
  • Purple Purple
  • Green Green
  • Pastel Blue Pastel Blue
  • Royal Blue Royal Blue
  • Denim Blue Denim Blue
  • Navy Blue Navy Blue
  • Black Black

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